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All of our kits are Plug-n-Play, meaning there is no wire cutting and no stress. Plug it in like you would a regular bulb and you’re done! Step-by-step detailed instructions will help you with the installation process.



Some vehicles require more work than others due to their unique bulb housings (sealed beam projectors etc).
Possible removal of the front bumper required - Check in your vehicles owners manual.

1. First disconnect the car battery terminal.

2. Remove the factory light bulbs

3. Replace with HID bulbs. (If your vehicle has a dust cap, please replace with something equivalent to ensure a good seal.)
*If the bulbs are dirty, use rubbing alcohol to clean the bulbs, do not immerse them in any liquid.

4. Find a mounting location for the ballast.

- Do not drill holes on the box.
- Mount away from moving components, such as A/C or power steering pump.
- Mount to a solid location.
- Mount to a good ventilation location (such as under the headlight for some vehicles.)
- Allow the necessary distance for the base connector to reach the bulb.

5. Plug Ignitor adaptor to the Xenon HID bulbs; make sure the bulbs are secured tightly.

6. Run wiring harness in the engine bay.
- Avoid placing harness close to liquids and moving parts.
- Use zip ties to secure the wiring harness.

7. Attach the power plugs to each ballast, make sure the plugs are securely placed and that they are firmly intact.

8. Reconnect the car battery cables and make sure all components are secured.

9. Turn light switch on and enjoy your brand new HID headlights. Allow the lights to be on for 10-15 minutes for a simple burn in procedure.


In many cases, especially for cars that have Auto "ON" or Daytime Running Lights; one or both lights cannot ignite initially, bulb turns off after the engine is started, or bulb turns off when driving.

Disconnect the Daytime Running Lights or Auto On function immediately before the actual HID conversion. The HID system requires 12V or more to ignite the xenon bulbs while Daytime Running Lights use only 7V or less and Auto On headlights turn on the headlights immediately as most of the battery power is focused on igniting the engine. Therefore, in both situations the battery is drawing less than 12V of power to initially ignite the HID bulb.
Please perform the following:
- If you have Daytime Running Lights then follow your cars service manual; disconnect the fuse or wiring of the Daytime Running lights only.
- If you have Auto On headlights, please switch the function to Manual Switch On headlights. To avoid further damages, always remember to start your engine before turning on the HID system!

Installed the HID system a few weeks ago, everything works but lately one or both bulbs began to flicker when started?

Disconnect all the connectors; Clean every connector with alcohol. Wait more than 5 minutes (resets ballast Safety Stages Chip) then reconnect every connector. Check all the connection between the ballast and factory harness (power source); check all the connections between igniters and bulbs (yellow silicone connectors); check your upgraded fuses, they must be at least 20A. Remember, every connector has to be securely and properly connected.

Melted plastic burned onto the HID bulb, staining it.

Do not touch the bulb at any time, especially when it is hot.

Both HID bulbs keep flickering and making clicking noise.

1. Check whether the HID bulbs have been connected to the ballasts correctly and securely.
2. Make sure the car battery is not too old or almost empty.
3. If your cars low beam has daytime running lights, make sure to disable them before installing the HID kit.

HID kit turns on then both sides go out.

Fuses are probably blown. Please check your fuse box according to your vehicles user manual and upgrade the factory 10A or 15A headlight fuse to 20A.

HID kit will shut itself down sometimes.

Inside of the HID ballast, there is a micro chip which is used to detect whether there is any potential problems. Any potential problems such as sudden high impulse, shortage of power input from battery, or extremely high heat will trigger the self-protect and shut off the ballast temporarily. It takes about 3 minutes for the micro chip to reset itself and the ballast will function again. Once this happens, turn off the HID kit and wait 3 to 5 minutes.
Inspection Procedure: Check the car battery. Check all connections between the bulb, ballast, & igniter. Check the vehicle battery terminal.

Only one light works, although both lights are installed the same.

1. The polarity of one side might not match with the stock harness.
2. Fuse might be blown on this side.
3. Malfunctioned parts.
Inspection Procedure: Check all connections between the bulb, ballast, & igniter. Check the bulb that does not work. Check the fuses. Use at least a 20A fuse if the stock 15A fuse blows. Switch the ballast from the working side to the non-working side and see if the problem remains. If the failing light now works, the Ballast and/or Igniter may be malfunctioning. If the problem remains after using the known working ballast then the bulb may have failed. Check the bulb by switching it from the non-working side to the working side and if the bulb works there then you may have a problem with your vehicle connections, battery, alternator, etc.

The ballasts make electric noise when first turn on.

This is normal, the ballasts are drawing power from the battery to start up, this can create electric noise.

HID kit will only work when the high beam is turned on.

This situation mostly happens with H4/9003/HB2 kits because they have three pong plugs rather than just "+" and "-". Make sure you have plugged those three wires correctly to their positions. Usually the combination is Yellow, Black and Red.

HID kit works when the engine is off, but when turning on the engine the HID kit will turn off.

For some newer model cars such as 2004 or newer BMW or Mercedes, have onboard computers to restrict outsource components such as HID conversion kit or aftermarket MP3 players. Therefore, the only way for such cars to install the HID kit is to directly plug the HID ballasts to the cars battery.

The HID bulbs change color when first turned on.

This is normal. At the beginning, the ballasts are storing the power from the battery of the car. Since the power has not been stabilized yet, the bulbs might have different colors or even flicker a little bit. However, as soon as the power is stabilized by the ballast, the bulbs will become normal.

The colors or lighting effects of the two bulbs are different.

1. The level of the two sizes headlight housings are not even and must be adjusted.
2. For new bulbs, there are chances that the colors are different for the first couple hours of burning. The color will turn into normal after that.
Inspection Procedure: Inspect for damage in the light housing. Clean the lens of the light. Inspect the positioning of lights to ensure that they are both pointing on the same angle to the road.
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