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Motorcycle Bulb Application Guide Motorcycle Bulb Application Guide

Bulb Size
BMW F650 97-01 H4 or 9007
F650 CS 2002 H3
F650 GS 2002 H4 or 9007
K1200 97-02 H7
R1100 19987 H4 or 9007
R1000 RS/RT 97-02 H4 or 9007
R1100 S 98-02 H7
R1150 R 01-02 H4 or 9007
R1150 RS 01-02 H4 or 9007
R1150 RT 01-02 H7
R1160 GS 99-02 H1
R1200 97-02 H4 or 9007
R850 97-01 H4 or 9007
Dakar 2005 H4
K1200S 00-03 H4
K1200S 2004 H7
Montauk 2005 H4
R1200GS 2005 H7
R1200 Montauk 2005 H4
Harley All models 83-04 H4
All models 2005 9003
Honda All Models 79-05 H4
*** Exceptions 599 01-04 H7
CBR 1100 XX 97-03 H7
CBR 600 F4 01-03 H7
CBR 600RR 01-05 H7
CBR 929 00-02 H7
CBR 929 RR 2001 H7
CBR 954 02-03 H7
CBR F4J 01-05 H7
CBR 1000 04-05 H&
CBR 1000 RR 04-05 H7
Goldwing 01-05 H7
Goldwing GL 1800 01-04 H7
Interceptor 02-05 H7
RC 51 00-05 H7
1000R 2001 H7
Valyrle Rune 04-05 H7
Triumph All models 96-05 H4
Yamaha All models 82-05 H4
Ducati 998 Hyper Sport 99-00 H4
Monster 95-06 H4
Sport Touring 98-05 H1
ST2 ST4 99-01 H4
Superbike 97-05 H1
Supersport 97-05 H4
Buell Blast 02-05 H6024
Firebolt XB 12R 2004 H3
Firebolt XB 12R 2005 H7
Firebolt XB 9R 03-05 H3
Lightning XB 12S 04-05 H7
M2 Cyclone 97-02 H4
S1 Lightning 97-98 H4
S3 97-02 H4
S3T Thunderbolt 97-02 H4
X1 Lightning 97-02 H4
X1W white lightning 2002 H4
XB9S 03-05 H7
XB9SX 03-05 H7
Suzuki All models 83-05 H4
*** Exceptions Bendt 1200S 01-04 9006
GSX 1300R Hyabussa 99-04 H7
Heyabusa 99-05 H7
Kawasaki All models 83-05 H4
*** Exceptions 6R Ninja 03-05 H7
6RR Ninga 03-05 H7
2X 1000 2005 H7
2X 10 04-05 H7
Vulvan 2000 04-05 H7

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